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First let me introduce myself. My name is Stacy and I am the Co-ordinator of TransLiving International which has been established since 1980. Let me assure you from the outset that you are not alone. There are many cross-dressers who are not aware of Support Groups and as a result they feel isolated, confused, lonely, and perhaps even ashamed of their interest. However, cross-dressing can be a harmless pursuit – one that is shared by many thousands of others all over the world, not least in Britain.

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In this less than perfect world, prejudice abounds against those who are perceived as different from the normal, and for this very reason I know that discretion is of prime importance to you. 

In contacting TransLiving you are taking us on trust. Your name and contact details will therefore be treated in the strictest confidence and you will receive no further mail from us unless you request it.

How do we work?

The group operates from my home office with help from willing volunteers who include Transvestites and Transsexuals who give freely of their time.

They understand your problems and they are there to provide help to newcomers where required. We aim to befriend Transvestites (TVs) and Transsexuals (TSs) whether heterosexual, bisexual or gay and provide help and advice to them and their families if required. We hold no prejudice against religion, creed or colour.


To this end, we have a confidential Telephone HelpLine for TVs, TSs and their families and friends so we can hear about and discuss their problems. 

The HelpLine hours are 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday. I do try to pick up the phone whenever I can. Obviously if I am out or busy working with clients then please leave a message , or simply try again later. The HelpLine number is: 01268 583761.
If you get the BT voicemail then I am taking a call and will answer as soon as possible.

Help for wives, partners, friends & relatives

We often get calls from distressed wives, partners, friends and relatives. We can often help them and are always willing to arrange a meeting. Gay partners too are often deeply affected when their loved one admits to cross-dressing or transsexualism:- we can help them too.

Social contact

We have a monthly party in Brentwood– you'll see it advertised in the events area of this site. It is the best attended regular party of any transgender group and gives you the chance to meet many others with shared interests.

The parties enable members to have an evening en femme with any guests they may wish to bring (including wives, girlfriends or partners).

The venue is discreet and safe, offering freedom from fear of harassment or prejudice. No questions are asked at our events other than a femme or first-name by which you like to be called.

What are the members like?

They span the complete adult age spectrum, come from all walks of life and have a diversity of interests. Come and meet them – you’re sure to make many new friends.
Don’t be afraid of bumping into someone else you know — after all, they are there for the same reason as yourself and most are eager to keep their identities secret from the outside world. This is the whole point of having a safe place to meet with like minded people.

Other services

In addition to our monthly meetings we can also provide details of shops and services sympathetic to TVs and TSs where you can purchase clothes, cosmetics and shoes. We also know a number of dress-makers you may wish to contact. In fact we have all sorts of information to help the TV and TS.

We publish a range of information papers for transgendered people and those they impact upon.

TransLiving International

As a member you will receive priority mailing of TransLiving International, the world’s finest TV/TS magazine, as soon as each edition is published. Bright, colourful and informative, this highly respected magazine addresses the whole spectrum of transgender issues.

TransLiving International started as the members' magazine. These days it is distributed direct to members and is also on open public sale.

Area Befrienders

They are members who are in contact with local organisations (Relate, Samaritans etc.) to keep them informed about the support and help available to TVs and TSs via TransLiving. 

A few are willing to take in mail for members in their areas ( if you would like to do so please contact Stacy )

Additional membership benefits & contacts

As you see, the membership is a pretty good package. You gain a reduced entry fee to our parties. We also have a member's discount scheme with lots of other retail outlets. Anyone over the age of 18 may join TransLiving International and attend our parties. Most members tell us their address so they can be kept informed of forthcoming events and receive TransLiving International --- but it's not compulsory. For some the receipt of such mail at home may be difficult. In such cases, and where possible, other mutually agreeable arrangements can be made (e.g. the use of our PO Box for your mail, or of one of our network of accommodation addresses). Or of course you can opt to be a digital member.

If you can be contacted by telephone please include your number on your membership application and be sure to state the name that we should use when asking for you: we are discreet. But please don't include your telephone number if it might cause embarrassment.

What next?

I hope this introduction has given you some insight into the Group. 
We are here to befriend you and to help when needed. Nobody needs to be alone, come and join us. We would like to meet you and I am sure that you will find us to be understanding new friends.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
With best wishes,
Stacy Novak 

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