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Anybody is welcome to submit material for possible publication and we will consider all that we receive. All contributions to the magazine are voluntary and no payment received. We  are interested in a complete range of material and welcome contributions from all age groups, races, and wherever you feel that you fit on the transgender spectrum, whether it be that you live full-time or just 'dress' on the occasional outing or at home. Your article could be about an event that you have been to, general Trans lifestyle issues, fashion, makeup, presentation advice and tips or the fact that you have a passion for a particular style of 'dressing'. Text can be anything between 200 and 1200 words and we would ideally like around 6 - 12 photos to give us some editorial choice. We also welcome smaller 'filler' items such as product and book reviews and general readers' letters which can be of a shorter length and with just one or two photos. We do not publish anything deemed as pornographic or of an illegal nature.

Material can be emailed direct to our Editor on 

Any photos/images need to be in jpeg, pdf or tiff format and as large a file size as possible, the original images are always best, without any cropping, alteration or file size reduction. Please also remember to include any credits to photographers.

Text can be sent within the body of an email or as a separate text file. We accept plain text (.txt) and Word documents (.doc or .docx)

We do also accept 'hard copy' items in the post, but prefer text to be typed where possible. Any photos and other material sent will only be returned if you include a stamped addressed envelope.


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